Posted on: October 18, 2020 Posted by: Children Health Mag Comments: 0

By The Herald Editorial Board

Simply put: Approval of Referendum 90 — regarding a state law passed this year that assures the availability of comprehensive sexual health education in all state school districts — also preserves the right of parents to determine what their children are taught in school on subjects important to their physical health and emotional well-being.

Rejecting the referendum could restrict the ability — and the right — for some parents to make that decision for themselves.

Referendum 90 addresses legislation passed this year by state lawmakers that requires all school districts in the state to provide comprehensive sexual health education that includes information on abstinence and other methods of preventing pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases; is scientifically accurate; is age-appropriate at all grade levels, K-12; encourages healthy relationships free of violence, intimidation and coercion; and helps youths to recognize and respond to sexually violent behavior.

While it was opponents of the legislation who put the referendum on the ballot, voters should note that approval of the referendum affirms the law as adopted by the Legislature and signed by the governor; rejection of the measure would repeal the law.

Voters should uphold the law with Referendum 90’s approval.

Many of the state’s school districts already offer similar curricula, but it’s been at each school district’s option; what the state law would do is require all school districts to adopt curricula from a list approved by the state Office of the Superintendent of